ANTARCTICA - while you were sleeping


Joe Michael took a team (eight on the production crew and three sailing crew) from the southern tip of South America 1500km south to Antarctica. This is a very scenic part of Antarctica: grand overhanging iceways, huge ice falls and enormous icebergs. The area is also subject to significant climate change.

Projection mapping turns irregular objects, such as buildings into display surfaces suitable for video projection.  Joe and his team produced a 45 minute series of stunning photos of a dying iceberg projected almost lifesize onto the four outside walls of the Auckland Museum. This was set to a soundscape of creaking, groaning dying icebergs enhanced by a special soundtrack composed by Rhian Sheehan.  Antarctica was the largest projection mapping event in the Southern Hemisphere.

I was a technical adviser for the installation, coordinated the extension programme and helped record the event photographically. We hope to bring the installation overseas.

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